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Setting up employee KPIs for performance appraisal

Written by Paul Kimani

Setting Up Employee Key Performance Indicators

In this section, department heads allocate KPIs to the employees. This section is time-bound in the sense that the KPI assigned to an employee has got the review period that was set earlier. It has an implication that we can set the department KPI once and use them time and time again since they cannot ‘expire’. Also, employee targets are set on this page. Once this is set the employee can have a target printout for reference.
To set this up

  1. Click Employee KPI on the menu then New Employee Key Performance Indicator

  2. Select Employee

  3. Enter the units to achieve (Targets)

  4. Select the unit to achieve type if it is a unit or percentage

  5. Select the review period as set earlier

  6. Select the department key performance indicator

  7. Enter the weight of the KPI on employee’s performance

  8. Select the status if completed (for backdating performance) or pending (for new)

  9. Enter the date that the review period should start and end then submit

Repeat these steps for all the employees in the department

After this step, the employee’s can now see the KPIs on their employee portals and can start appraising themselves