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Employment Types & Leave Eligibility Employment Types, Leave Eligibility
Written by Margaret Mwangi

Employment types refer to the attributes an employee can take for an organisation.

There are 4 defined employment types on the Workpay system

  1. Permanent

  2. Consultant

  3. Contractors

  4. Internship


On the left bar menu, select Employment Types.

Click on the "Create" button on the right side of the page.

Employment Type Name- For easy identity

Employee No Prefix - unique identifier for employees in this category

Deduct Tax - Select

Yes to indicate there is a tax deduction for employees in this category,

No to indicate no taxes are to be deducted during the running of the payroll

If Deduct Tax is yes, you will be required to select the tax type

PAYE - This is deducted for regular employees as regulated by the country’s tax authority

WHT - This is paid by consultants and contractors and is usually a fixed % amount depending on country and residency status

Depending on the country, you can select if Health insurance and Pension are to be deducted.

Payment Frequency - based on the agreement, - Monthly, Weekly or Bi-Monthly

Leave Eligibility - Are the employees entitled to Annual Leave, Yes if they are.

Usually consultants, freelancers and contractors are not eligible for leave.

Once you input your desired settings, click Save for the changes to apply.

After adding employment types successfully you can onboard employees or change existing employees to any employment type.