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Expense claims/Petty cash How to view Expense claims/Petty cash and attach receipts.


Expense Category

This is a list of operational cash that is used in various office operations.

To view Expenses

On the Main Menu Click on ”Expenses”

Create new expense
Click on the "Expenses Settings" button on the top right corner of your page

Click on Add Category.

Enter the Expense Category Name.

Enter the Subcategory name and Subcategory Code.

Click SAVE.

To Issue an Expense

  • Click on Expenses on the MAIN Menu.

  • Click "Issue Expense''

  • Enter Expense Title

  • Select Expense Type(Employee or Company Expenses).

  • Select Employee or Branch depending on the type chosen above.

  • Select Expense Date

  • Select Payment Status(paid or not paid).

  • Enter Ammount

  • Select Category

  • Select Payment Method(MPESA, Bank,paybill, or till).

  • Select the currency.

  • Add Notes and remarks.

  • Click on Add Receipt(s) to attach a receipt to an expense.

  • Click on save.

How to Approve and Pay Expenses.

  • Click on Action on the submitted Expense and select approve

  • Click on action on the Approved expense and select Pay(for those using our payouts module).

  • Click on Action on the Approved Expense and Select Mark as paid(for those not using the payouts Module).

NOTE: To use the Expense Module, you'll first need to recharge your Expense
Account by following the following procedure.
· Click on Expenses on the MAIN Menu.
· Click on "Expense Account".
· Click on "Recharge".
· Enter Amount (Virtual amount) and click Recharge.