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Expense Requests by Employee Employee expense request on the web
Written by Margaret Mwangi

The workPay employee portal allows employees to request petty cash at their convenient time. Below are the steps to follow

  • Log in to WorkPay

  • Click on the "Expense" menu

  • Click "Add Expense"

  • Enter the "Title"

  • Select "Expense category"

  • Enter the "Amount"

  • Select the "Status"

  • Select the "Date requested" and the "Payment date"

  • Select the Payment "Method"

  • Input the Description in the NOTES.

  • Click on "Add Receipts" if you are required to upload a receipt.

  • Click "Save"

Employee expense requests on the employee portal

  • Download WorkPay Application from Play Store

  • Log in to WorkPay

  • Click on the "Expenses"

  • Click the Record new expense or the Green Plus button (+) on the top right.

  • Enter"Expense title"

  • Enter the "Expense category"

  • Select the Status(Paid/Not paid)

  • Enter the "Amount"

  • Enter Expense Date.

  • Enter the "Payment date"

  • Enter the "Payments Method"

  • Add Notes

  • Click on "Add Receipts" to upload a receipt.

  • Click "SUBMIT"