How to Approve Payrolls on Workpay

How to Approve Payroll for an Individual Employee.

Based on the fact that one has permission to approve any payroll or you have been assigned the payroll to approve :

  • Click on "Payroll"

  • Click on "Run Payroll"

  • Search the employee you would like to approve the payroll for

  • Click on the three dots button on your far right side.

Click approve and the payroll for that particular employee will be approved.


How to Bulk Approve Payrolls

  • Click on Payroll
  • Click on Run Payroll
  • Select the employees you would like to approve the payrolls for.
  • Click on the approve button on the top.

Kindly note, that you can select the employees to approve the payroll for or you can approve the records of all employees.