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How to create a shift schedule
Written by Margaret Mwangi
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  • Login to Workpay

  • Go to "Time and Attendance".

  • Select "Shift schedule".

  • Click on "Assign Shift", and a pop-up sheet will appear.

  • Select the employees to add to a shift.

  • Select the Shift you wish to add the employees under.

  • Under "TYPE", You will select whether the schedule is for a "single date", "Recurring" or a specific "date range".

  • Click on "Save".


    How to schedule shifts in Bulk.

  • Go to "Time and Attendance".

  • Click on "Bulk Import".

  • Select the Month you wish to schedule the shift.

  • Click on "download data template here" to download the excel sheet to be filled for the shifts schedule.

  • Click on "Browse Files" to select the excel sheet that you have filled.

  • Click on "Upload".


If the shift is recurring you will be required to select the recurring days for the shift scheduled.

If the shift schedule is for a single day you will be required to select the date that the selected employee will be on that shift.

If the shift scheduled is for a specific date range, you will have to select the start and end date of that shift schedule.