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How to Create your Workpay Account | WorkPay Help Center

How to Create your Workpay Account Steps to create your Workpay account
Written by Margaret Mwangi
  • Enter the Super admin Name ( overseer of the account), email address ( use a group email for continuity purposes), and phone number, and check the box written I accept the terms and conditions

  • Click Next

  • A verification code will be sent to the email used to create the account

  • Click Create Organization

  • Select the Sector

  • Enter the Organization's name

  • Enter the Team Size

  • Enter the Country name

  • Enter the Organization's email

  • Then you will land on the subscription page.

  • Please alert Customer Success. They will activate your account.

NB- The Super admin is the overseer of the account. This means that they will receive all notifications of actions happening in the system and also Payment OTP notifications. Also, the email address to be used when creating the account should be a group email for continuity purposes.