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View account statement/transaction logs
Written by Paul Kimani

This page gives you an overview of what you have paid out, top ups, transaction charges and the number of payouts you have ran. 

To access this page go to Payments and select "Account Statement" option.

You can export this data to an excel/csv/pdf for filling on uploading to your accounting system.

To Export Account Statement

  • Click on "Export " button and select the file type(Excel, CSV, PDF).

  • Select the Start and end date to pick duration of the statement you wish to export.

  • Click on "Export", the statement will be send to your email.


    To view Transaction Logs

  • Click on the "View Transaction Logs" button.

    **At this page you are able to view all the transaction Status i.e Pending Transactions, Processing, Failed Transactions, cancelled transactions, Refunded Transactions and successful Transactions.