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View and attach an asset to an employee | WorkPay Help Center

View and attach an asset to an employee
Written by Paul Kimani

This a list of company items that are in employee’s possession. These items need to cleared before an employee is fully exited from the company. To view this list:

On the menu click on “Assets”

Click on assets settings

Click Add Category

Add asset category name

Check the button for requiring a unique identifier.

From that list you can revoke or change the assignee on the action button against each asset.

To attach an Asset to an employee

  • On the MAIN menu click on “Assets”

  • Click on “New  Asset Record”

  • Enter Asset Name

  • Select Category.

  • Select asset type(employee or project)

  • Select Employee or project

  • Enter the serial number or Item unique Identifier

  • Enter the value(price)

  • Enter the item description.

  • Click ADD.