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View and create Savings Savings
Written by Margaret Mwangi

In WorkPay, Savings are treated as deductions that are made from employees' earnings for a period of time. In this case, an employee can request withdrawals on the savings made that far.

i). To view savings

  • Click on "Payroll"

  • Click on "Savings"


To Bulk Import Historical Savings Data.

These are existing savings from the previous system that can be uploaded to the workpay system and added to the running Balance.

  • On the MAIN menu, click “Payroll” then select “Savings”

  • Click on "Import Bulk Contributions".

  • Click on "download data template here".

  • Click on the Browse file from where you have saved it.

  • Select Category and click "UPLOAD"

To create a saving

For you to create a saving, a deduction category for saving has to be set under the savings setting in the top right corner. Once that is done:

  • On the MAIN menu, click “Payroll” then select “Savings”

  • Click “Issue Saving”

  • Select Employee

  • Select saving Category

  • Enter value type which is either amount or percentage of their basic salary

  • Enter the start date and end date

  • Enter value

  • Click Save.

To create savings in bulk

  • On the menu, click “Payroll” then select “Savings”

  • Click "bulk savings"

  • Click "Get data template here"

  • Click on Browse file from where you have saved it

  • Select savings category

  • Enter "Remark"

  • Click upload