View and create Users and Roles

Users are the people entitled to roles to manipulate or manage the system’s data. When you create a company, you invite users and assign them roles to assist in data management. To Invite users you need to create the roles first.

How to Create Roles

For users to be able to manage data in your company, you need to create and assign roles.

To view the roles page:

  • Click the menu ‘Settings’

  • Click on ‘Users’.

  • Click on 'Roles'

  • Click on "Create Role"

  • Enter the name of the role

  • Click on "Add permissions"

  • Click the 'checkbox' for permissions you wish to add for that role.

  • Click the button ‘Save’


How to Invite Users.

  • Click the menu ‘Settings’

  • Click on ‘Users’

  • Click on 'Create User' button

  • Select the user Type (Employee/non-employee)

  • Select the Employee.

  • Select the Role.

  • Select the Branch.

  • Select Department.

  • Click "Invite".